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While working for Scott Snibbe Studio I developed the second iOS version of Gravilux, which is an interactive and meditative experience allowing users to push and pull at gravitational fields of stars. My favorite added feature is the music visualizer, allowing users to play a song from their iPod library and control how that music moves the stars. Interactive typography, a new interface, and vastly improved performance made this update a completely new experience.

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While working for Scott Snibbe Studio I had the opportunity to develop an iOS app for the musical act Passion Pit. Here's a short video of them using the app:

We began the project by combining imagery from the album with the geometric patterns of Scott Snibbe's app Bubble Harp into backing visuals for live projection at the 2012 Webby Awards.

We then took the aesthetic from the live visuals and created a fully interactive mobile experience. The iOS app allows users to listen to two songs from their new album, Gossamer, while giving the user the ability to interact with images using interaction idioms from Bubble Harp. The apps also allows users to remix both songs in novel music synthesis modes.

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When starting at Scott Snibbe Studio I was responsible for build mastering, quality assurance and In-App Purchase engineering for the Biophilia App, as well as production of concert visuals for the live tour. In a collaboration between Björk, Scott Snibbe and M/M Paris, the iOS app provides numerous fully interactive experiences to accompany each song on the album Biophilia.

Press Release: Biophilia, the First App in MoMA’s Collection

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